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Promoting independent thinking through speech and debate. One school at a time.

Teaching Through Technology

Through the use of video communication, we are able to conduct full classroom style classes across seas. Students are able to connect with multiple teachers who help them strengthen their confidence, critical thinking, and speaking skills. Through the demonstration of excellence in the curriculum, students are recognized for their hard work and are motivated to continue to higher levels.

About Cognitive Exchange

1. Technology

Instructors are able to reach the schools and their students through video conferencing. This allows for face-to-face communication and an interactive learning environment.

2. communication

Instructors who are carefully trained in the Cognitive Exchange Speech and Debate curriculum are essential for the finest delivery and understanding of the curriculum to the students. Students can stay in contact with the teacher, instructor, or coordinator through email. They are constantly encouraged to ask questions and voluntarily immerse themselves in the lesson.

3. success

In a society where communication is key, Cognitive Exchange provides an incomparable platform to people to be better prepared for any future event, and provide a program that helps them reach newer heights in all aspects of life. By becoming educated global citizens, our students are able to present themselves in an expressive way, as well as understand others viewpoints in a respectful way, ultimately, fostering growth and betterment for the future.

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Get your school onboard the Cognitive Exchange platform. For students in the US, CE is always in need of talented and passionate instructors at the high school level. If you would like to help our efforts, please donate or contact us.

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We want to enable not only democratic thinking internationally, but encourage and facilitate a collaborative and constructive discussion about global issues.