• Neha Seshadri
    Neha Seshadri Co-President
  • Antara Singh
    Antara Singh Co-President
  • Shreya Holikatti
    Shreya Holikatti Vice President

    Shreya Holikatti is currently a junior at Granite Bay High School in Granite Bay, CA. She joined CE after seeing the impact that could be made in just 8 weeks. Over the last four years, CE has given her the opportunity to boost her confidence and venture out of her comfort zone. She is currently the Vice President of CE, overseeing CE as a whole with the presidents’ guidance, and head of the Scheduling, Operations, and Competitions (SOC) team, in which she helps with logistics — from creating the master schedule to streamlining classes.  In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, hiking, skiing, and looking for new bakeries to try out.

  • Shivanshi Shivesh
    Shivanshi Shivesh Head of Operations
  • Brinda Kalita
    Brinda Kalita Head of Curriculum

    Brinda Kalita is currently a senior at Mira Loma High School and will be attending UC Riverside as a biochem major in the fall. For Cognitive Exchange she writes and edits curriculum, such as presentations, rubrics, worksheets, examples used in presentations, and competition rules for all the CE levels. Apart from CE, she was a member of the Mira Loma Speech and Debate team for 3 years and the member of the Mira Loma History Day team for 2. She also enjoys making music and playing the ukulele, guitar, and singing along.

  • Nitalie Biswal
    Nitalie Biswal Technology
  • Moushmi Ramadoss
    Moushmi Ramadoss Head of Recruitment
  • Aria Jalan
    Aria Jalan Content Creation

    Aria Jalan is the head of content creation in which she creates videos to help promote Cognitive Exchange across different platforms. Outside of CE she plays the piano, participates in theater and volunteers with various different organizations.

  • Aarti Dachepalli
    Aarti Dachepalli Head of Technology

    Aarti Dachepalli is currently a junior attending Folsom High School in Folsom, CA. Joining Cognitive Organization to help children across seas in any way she can, she is Head of Technology on the Leadership team. Through this position she helps to solve technological issues that occur amidst classes. She also contributes by gathering a team to revising/update the website as needed. Apart from CE, Aarti loves to carry out her passion of helping others by volunteering at local hospitals to make an impact in her community. In addition, in her free time she sings/performs classical music, cooks, and knits.

  • Tanya Agrawal
    Tanya Agrawal PR and Marketing

    Tanya Agrawal is a junior at Folsom High School and is currently leading the PR and Marketing team in CE. She works with her team members to reach out in our communities in Sacramento and India to spread the word about Cognitive Exchange’s goal and impact. In the future, she plans on pursuing an education in business and cybersecurity. In her free time she likes to read, code, bike and volunteer in my community.

  • Sanjana Anand
    Sanjana Anand Head of Operations
  • Shreya Nagunuri
    Shreya Nagunuri Head of Recruitment

    Shreya Nagunuri is currently a sophomore at Granite Bay High School. For Cognitive Exchange, she is head of the Recruitment Team where she leads Train the Trainers and Info Sessions for people interested in the organization. She also works to recruit schools in India to become a part of CE. In addition to Cognitive Exchange, she is a manager for the Granite Bay Speech and Debate team and has been apart of it for two years. She also loves taekwondo, hiking, and photography.

  • Khushi Varshney
    Khushi Varshney PR and Marketing
  • Aayaan Sood
    Aayaan Sood PR and Marketing
  • Keshav Anand
    Keshav Anand Head of Website Development
  • Nithya Narapa Reddy
    Nithya Narapa Reddy Head of US Expansion